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Tiger 800 XRX

With the Tiger 800 XRx, the legendary Triumph handling gets even more rewarding. The addition of electronic Riding Modes allows you to tailor your Tiger to perfectly suit your riding style. Including ROAD, OFF-ROAD and programmable RIDER MODE, they adapt the throttle map, ABS sensitivity and Triumph Traction Control parameters to give maximum response no matter what the condition. Featuring a superb level of comfort both for rider and passenger, thanks to the comfort seats with 3D mesh technology, and enhanced wind protection, courtesy of the adjustable windshield and hand guards, the new Tiger XRx will tempt you into embarking on an exciting trip. The standard Cruise Control enhances your riding pleasure over long distances, while the advanced Trip Computer displays all the information of your journey. The second power socket and centre stand add another level of practicality.
€ 14.290
Ürünler özellikleri
Motor tipi Sıralı 3 silindir
Motor Hacmi 800 Cm3
Motor Gücü 95 Hp
Tork 79 N.m
Ağırlık 191 Kg
Sele Yüksekliği 810 - 830 Mm
Depo Hacmi 19 Lt
Ön Lastik Ebatları 100/90­-19
Arka Lastik Ebatları 150/70 R17