Ulusan Motor

Panigale 959

From the track to the road The technology and performance of the new 959 Panigale are those of a large-displacement Superbike, with increased accessibility. The perfect balance for high-performance riding in all conditions, from the street to the track.
Marka: Ducati
€ 20.900
Ürünler özellikleri
Motor tipi L Twin 2 silindir
Motor Hacmi 955 Cm3
Motor Gücü 157 Hp
Tork 107.4 N.m
Ağırlık 200 Kg
Sele Yüksekliği 830 Mm
Depo Hacmi 17 Lt
Ön Lastik Ebatları 120/70 ZR17
Arka Lastik Ebatları 180/60 ZR17