Ulusan Motor

Panigale 1299

Hit the apex Breathtakingly stylish, the new 1299 Panigale leaves no room for compromise when it comes to technical excellence. Such is the case of the new Superquadro engine with an unprecedented 116mm bore. 205 hp of pure adrenaline, 145 Nm of stunning torque. State-of-the-art electronics ensure maximum control with the Bosch Inertial Platform. Ducati Quick Shift, both fast and precise, even for downshift. 1299 Panigale, your deepest desire.
Marka: Ducati
€ 25.900
Ürünler özellikleri
Motor tipi L Twin 2 silindir
Motor Hacmi 1285 Cm3
Motor Gücü 205 Hp
Tork 144,6 N.m
Ağırlık 190.5 Kg
Sele Yüksekliği 830 Mm
Depo Hacmi 17 Lt
Ön Lastik Ebatları 120/70 ZR17
Arka Lastik Ebatları 200/55 ZR17