Ulusan Motor

Hyperstrada 939

A statement of personality Hyper horizons Fitted with a windshield and side panniers, and with specially designed ergonomics for added comfort, the Hyperstrada 939 breaks the rules and drives the hyper concept towards new horizons. Thanks to Bosch ABS and DTC for maximum control, each curve spells out the freedom of touring. Bringing the hyper experience to life, a new spirit takes to the road.
Marka: Ducati
€ 18.900
Ürünler özellikleri
Motor tipi L Twin 2 silindir
Motor Hacmi 937 Cm3
Motor Gücü 113 Hp
Tork 97,9 N.m
Ağırlık 210 Kg
Sele Yüksekliği 810 Mm
Depo Hacmi 16 Lt
Ön Lastik Ebatları 120/70 ZR17
Arka Lastik Ebatları 180/55 ZR17